Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize for Schools Where Teaching Matters


MS343 is one of the 10 semifinalists for the Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize for Schools Where Teaching Matters , a yearly prize which honors a school that has made significant efforts to advance teacher capacity and effectiveness. The one-time award of $25,000 may be used to support expansion and replication of the school-based initiative.

 The top 5 schools with the most votes move on for final consideration!

Please vote for us here  via your Facebook account by clicking "Recommend" and share with friends and family!  If you don't have a Facebook account, you can vote by filling in this form!


Congratulations to MS343's Debate Team!

On Friday, June 9th at JHS 50 in Williamsburg, our debate team competed in the MSQI City Wide Championship Tournament.

We're pleased to announce that our team came in 3rd Place in the Team Sweepstakes. Speaker awards went to Denyce Romero Morales (3rd Place), Hervin Reyes (7th Place), and Angel Estrella (14th Place). Team awards went to Hervin Reyes and Denyce Romero Morales (2nd place overall) and Angel Estrella and Thierno Diallo (7th place overall).

We're so proud of our inaugural team and looking forward to next year's competition!


MS343 Public Calendar

School Uniform Policy

Khaki Pants or Skirts (knee length or longer)
White or Burgundy Collared Polo Shirt with school logo                                                              
Gym Uniform with school logo
Burgundy Hooded Zippered Sweat Shirt with School Logo
Sneakers or closed comfortable shoes can be worn everyday.

Parents remember students are to wear their school uniform everyday.

2016-2017 School Supply List   (2016-2017 Lista de Materiales)

Pencils & Pens (Lapices & Plumas)

Pencil Sharpener & Erasers (Saca punta & Borradores)
4-5 Notebooks (4-5 Cuadernos)
4 Pocket folders (4-5 Pliegos)
Loose Leaf Paper (Papel de Hoja)
1 inch binder Science (1 carpeta de 1” para clase de ciencia)
Post it/ Sticky Notes ( 1 paquete de nota autoadhesiva)
(25-50)Sheet Protectors (Protectores de Papeles)
Highlighters (Resaltadores)
Kleenex/ Facial Tissue (Una caja de tejidos facials)
Hand Sanitizer (Disinfectante par las manos)

         *For Notebooks and folders, please buy the color associated with your child's grade level. 
* (Para portátiles y carpetas, por favor, comprar el color asociado con el nivel de grado de su hijo.)

6th Grade: Blue (6to Grado: Azul)
7th Grade: Red (7mo Grado: Rojo)
8th Grade: Green (8vo Grado: Verde)